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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Happy Chinese New Year 2013

Farewell, Year of the Dragon. Welcome to the Year of the Snake!

Wishing you good health!
Peaceful mind!
Nothing to worry!
Happy heart!
Never aging!
Young forever!
Harmony in living everyday!
Profit is coming!
Always smiling!
Joy in body!
Snake swimming freely in water!
Phoenix dancing in sky!
Birds singing for you!
Flower opening for you!
Sun shining you in day!
Moon soothing in sleeping!
Listen to the rhythm of music of your own body singing!
Welcome the spring of Chinese New Year of the Snake!

May Tai Chi bless you, your family and friends a very happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Snake 4711.

Gong Xi Fa Ca and Gong Hei Fa Choi!