Thursday, 19 March 2015

Professor Qin visit Sydney health Qigong workshop 6-7 June

Professor Qin Zilai from Wuhand University, visiting Sydney training our instructors on the 6-7 June 2015. Enrol Now!!

The program details:  6th June Health Qigong Ba Duan Jin (8 piece of silk)   further training with both standing and sitting forms.    7th June Health Qigong 5 animals.

Who is going to teach?

Zilai Qin

Professor Qin is national and international lecturer from Wuhan University with over 30 years teaching experience.  

She is in charge of science research of health Qigong for well being.  She had been teaching in France, Greece, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Argentina and Colombia. 

How to enroll? How about the enroll fee?

Call 9686 2282 or send email to


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