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Thursday, 21 May 2015


Recently, one of my friends shared some very bad news with me; she had been diagnosed with osteoporosis and was taking medication to treat her osteoporosis. Unfortunately, she suffered from kidney failure due to the medication.
This dreadful situation prompted me to share what I know and how we can treat osteoporosis in a natural way. Firstly, we need to gain a better understanding, what is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis commonly happens as part of the ageing process for men and women.  The density of our bones is impacted by many factors and one of them is the decrease in hormones, for women it occurs at the cease of menstruation.  Men also experience a decrease in their hormone levels although it occurs over a longer period of time and is a slower process.
Even though most people would love to stop the ageing process completely, the honest truth is that we can’t, although we can slow it down by establishing healthy practices that encourage our bodies, minds and spirit to be the most vital at any age!
For example:
Optimum health includes;  good circulation -  balanced nutrition - bone cell in a good metabolic condition
A taxed health system suffers from;  poor circulation - unbalanced nutrition - bone cell degeneration - Osteoporosis

Are you suffering from Osteoporosis?

Some factors to consider:  Are you suffering from pain; in the back, bones, legs, muscles and  knees? 
Osteoporosis may develop further, decreasing the length of the spine creating pressure on the heart and lung systems. Circulation is compromised and shallow breathing may result as a consequence of managing pain.  
There is the old adage, Use it or lose it!
Circulation is key! So how can we cultivate better circulation? It can be as simple as, if you are feeling pain it is blockage, the blockage is causing the pain.  If your circulation is running better, the pain will ease.

A recent scientific research study with 400 people proved that when the muscles are stronger, the bones are stronger.  Less muscles, density of the bones is also lower.  The muscles are around the bones, protecting bones, it makes sense that the bones will be stronger, like we build a building, we have structures and frames, like our body has bones. Bones and muscles also need support through what we eat, bones need sufficient nutrients and a balanced diet.

 Improvement of circulation is very important:  muscles protect the bone, and then the bone is stronger.  For people who already have an Osteoporosis diagnosis, the kidney may also be vulnerable due to the medication; the kidney system needs to work harder to filter the medication. Therefore, create a healthy lifestyle with specific exercises that will encourage breathing regulation, charge energy within, to be able to send to each cell of your muscles.  We all know that through our breathing we receive oxygen, our body turns oxygen into energy - Chi, through deeper breathing, blood circulation increases and is sent to each and every cell of the muscle, therefore oxygen enriching exercises are much better.
Improve circulation with Qigong over June long weekend: http://tcfa.com.au/Health-Qigong-Two-Day-International-Workshop-Program

Improvement of your digestion - spleen and stomach system.  Not only do we need to ensure we receive nutrient rich, balanced foods we also need a healthy digestion system to absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals to maintain our muscles and bones. 
To learn more about Nutrition from Master Sue Chang: http://tcfa.com.au/contact

Monday, 4 May 2015

Begin today!

The practice of Tai Chi is actually practicing soft qi gong (energy work).  Soft is for life, hard is for death.   The practice of Tai Chi is body profile training, it makes a woman’s disposition calm and beautiful, it makes men spunky and full of energy.

Qigong training, will lead you into meditation, guiding Chi - following like the best music in the whole world,  rhythms with regulation of breathing, simply allowing the chi to flow, following your body meridians like water, running though the whole body.   Like a wave in the sea, combining with the breathe to massage all our internal organs, evenly, smoothly, continuously, purifying the blood, purifying our spirit. We can experience the highest enjoyment of living.   Our body disappearing combining with the whole universe as one, we welcome the spring of life to come to our body and spirit.

Slow down your step!  Millions change when they begin Tai Chi & Qigong, start your journey this week with Tai Chi Fitness Australia new term starts today.