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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Health Qigong and Cancer

There is a study indicates that  Health Qigong can improve cancer patient's overall quality of Life and mood status and reduce specific side- effects of treatment. It may also produce physical benefits in the long term through reduced inflammation.
Results suggest that Health Qigong benefits cancer patients' self- reported congnitive function, quality of life, and inflammation. A larger randomized controlled trial including an objective assess,emt of cognitive fucntion is planned.
"Byeongsang Oh & Phyllis N. Butow & Barbara A. Mullan & Stephen J. Clarke & Philip J. Beale & Nick Pavlakis & Myeong Soo Lee & David S. Rosenthal & Linda Larkey & Janette Vardy"1 September 2010 / Accepted: 30 May 2011 # Springer-Verlag 2011

These studies suggest, that there is a positive relationship between practicing Health Qigong and reducing stress related conditions. Although, these studies were done with patients' suffering from cancer, it is reasonable to infer that non cancer sufferers would benefit from Health Qigong in a similar way.
In his work on the electromagnetic effects of Health Qigong practice on the body Martin Eisen Ph.D describes how the practice of Health Qigong effects the bodies system such as the electro magnetic spectrum as well as Photon light emissions. The later is of discussion here, Prof. Fritz- Albert Pop is studying photon light activity inside a cell, he calls bio photons. In the body, light is used by cells to communicate with each other. A coherent relationship between cells that is where the light is consistent throughout, Is usually a sign of a healthy body system/ function. Whereas diseased parts of the body such as cancerous, growth's show incoherent light emission. Effective communication between cells allows the functions of the body to regulate its system and maintain a healthy relationship. Ineffective or incoherent bio-photon activity allows for disease to take over the body.

Therefore, considering Health Qigong practice is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system, that this practice also improves the coherence of the bio photon regulation system.