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Tai Chi is an Chinese martial arts, but had wings worldwide especially in Australia.

Tai Chi for Arthritis

Tai Chi cures arthritis by a regular functioning of muscles and bones during practice.

Tai Chi for Stress Relief

Tai Chi brings freshness and relieves all stress of mind, soul and body.

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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Health is Wealth on a Budget: 6 Tips From The Great Depression

Arthritis is the cause that affects the  musculoskeletal system, specifically joints. Arthritis-related problems include pain, stiffness, inflammation and damage to joint cartilage and surrounding structures. According to Statistics taken in 2004-2005 National Health Survey, there are approximately 3 million Australians, or 15.3% of the population, suffered from some form of arthritis. Of these, about 60% were women.

People who practiced tai chi had seen amazing results. Tai Chi For Arthritis is believed to cure Arthritis completely and it saw tremendous other changes too. They have seen a positive energy by practice of tai chi and had gained control of their health.Tai chi plays a role of curing arthritis,the diabetes, combating age problems and stress .Additional benefits of Tai chi include

     1. Improved respiratory

     2. Flexibility of muscles

     3. Improved metabolism of digestive system, cardiovascular system, lung system, hormone system, endocrine system and nervous system.

     4. Combats stress & depression

     5. Posture correction

      6. Rehabilitation of back ache, strokes, insomnia.

      7. Anti-aging beauty

Tai Chi For Beginners is the source of ultimate energy that channel through the body meridians and cures many diseases. Diseases are caused by obstructions in the path of energy. Regular practice of tai chi helps you maintain your optimum health and makes you feel good.

TCFA had established centers all over the world to help people fight diseases and attain their true self.   They provide instructor training for interested persons and brings out the master in you..The motto of TCFA is to live not only for Longevity, but being Happy and Healthy.

Learn tai chi, practice regularly and see the difference all by yourself.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Learn Tai Chi for Ultimate Benefits

Many people have been benefitted from Tai Chi Fitness Australia (TCFA) which was established in 2000.  Tai Chi Fitness Australia (TCFA) is leading provider of the ancient martial art Tai Chi & Qigong. This program is internationally and nationally recognized. In affiliation with China's Professors and Masters, the program is accredited by national and international professional associations of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Society of Australia (CMASA), Tai Chi Fitness Association of Australia and International Health Qigong Association.

Tai Chi is originally an ancient martial art practiced years ago by the Chinese. It is a series of flexing body movements that bring in harmony of mind, body and soul into channeling if vital energy flowing through the body meridians hence preventing diseases. People have seen a positive vibe of energy by the practice of tai chi and had gained control of their health and state of mental being beginners Tai Chi plays a role of curing arthritis, diabetes , combating age problems and stress. It induces in you a state of well being and a sense of completeness. People had experienced improved flexibility, posture, metabolism and balance and harmony of health. They are able to handle the emotional ups and downs of life and stay happy and peaceful. International research has confirmed its purpose and the whole of the world is seen practicing this art.

Another martial art and practice termed under Daoism traced back to several years is Qigong.  Qigong natural therapist unblocks the stymied path of energy into the acupuncture points thus revitalizing the paths. The vital energy flowing through the acupuncture points channels the energy and cures many diseases. Because of its highest health benefits, it is practiced even today.   By practicing Qigong, one gets the ability of self healing and self maintenance of health and gaining of optimum health.

Qigong and Tai chi are the master arts that transforms you into a positive person fills in you

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Learn the Secrets of Happy Living

Qigong is the ultimate source of channeled energy which leads to spiritual, physical and mental well being. It is basically a series of movements under Daoism, which is traced back to thousands of years. Classic Chinese qigong unblocks the obstructed path of energy into the acupuncture points thus stimulating the paths. The vital energy flowing through the acupuncture points channels the energy and cures many diseases. Because of its highest health benefits, it is practiced even today. The health benefits of

Qigong include

 1.  Improved respiratory.

 2.   Flexibility of muscles and building of muscular strength.

 3. Improved metabolism of digestive system, cardiovascular system, lung system, hormone system, endocrine system and nervous system.

 4. Stress & depression.

 5. Posture correction.

 6. Rehabilitation of back ache, strokes, insomnia.

 7. Anti-aging beauty & keep fit.

 8. Cures  diabetes, menopause, aches & pains, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, sleep problems, immune system etc.

Qigong is a flexing body movement which renders up a team and highest level of relaxation of body with a regulation of movements connecting with nature which includes, focus of mind, and relaxation of the body with the natural regulation of frequency of natural breathing.Qigong therapist brings in you a spiritual enlightenment and brings peace and serenity from within. It facilitates self healing and control of emotional stability all by yourself. Health maintenance and improvisation is possible through Qigong. You gain your true self and attain a paramount level of relaxation, confidence and a positive energy from within.

International research proved the worth of this martial art and established fitness and wellness academy of Tai chi and Qigong known as TCFA (Tai chi Fitness Australia), CMASA (Chinese medicine and acupuncture society Australia) and china health Qigong. Many people had seen and felt the benefits of this martial art and have accustomed it for regular practice. Qigong creates in you a confident and a happier you which are the main criterion of happy living.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Tai Chi, the ultimate channel of energy cures arthritis

According to Ancient spiritual science, health imbalance occurs in the body apparently due to inadequate supply of energy in the vital points of the body where energy is supposed to flow through. Our ancestors mainly perform medication of ailments through natural methods of cure which are numerous to count. Ancient Indian doctors practice Ayurveda or meditation, whereas ancient Chinese practice other methods of cure like Tai chi, Qigong etc. Both the approaches aim for the supply of energy to vital point known as chakras in Indian terms.

Tai chi is the Chinese martial art which is believed to cure many ailments, but original practice for self defense. “Tai chi” is a Chinese term originated from the term “tai chi can “translated as tai-supreme, chi – ultimate, and cam-boxing. Tai chi is generally movements like a flowing stream in a continuous and an uninterrupted motion. They perform a set of both slow and forceful body flexing gestures which performs a deep breathing exercise. During tai chi exercise training, the practitioner is supposed to meditate on the vital energy running through body meridians with regulation of breathing to extend it to the whole body. The circular movements resemble to the philosophy of yin and yang, i.e balance in harmony in endless circles. They are helpful in treating chronic diseases like high blood pressure neurasthenia, arthritis etc.

Arthritis is the cause that is the effect of more than hundred medical conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system that includes specially joints. By practicing tai chi for arthritis, there is improved flexibility and movements in the body with vital energy flowing through all the points and thus people had experienced a positive energy and stamina. Tai chi renders improved relaxation and balance,posture and immunity. Not only this, Tai chi is scientifically proven by international research that tai chi had indeed improved many health related aspects like metabolism, digestion, circulation, stamina and flexibility.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Tai Chi Sword.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Are you ready start a healthy and happy journey in 2015

May Tai Chi harmony balance bring you, your family happy and healthy in the new year!  Health is 1, without 1 everything = 0.    Care life, enjoy living! - Sue Chang

Experience the wonderful art of tai chi, listen to the best music in the world of your own breathing, feeling the chi going through your own body meridians, allowing the wave of your chi massage your internal organs, allowing your body flowing like clouds and water in a soft motion, relaxing yourself inside and out.

Welcome all new people to experience for free at all venues!

To know more click on: http://www.tcfa.com.au/

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Tai Chi Chinese Martial Art

Tai Chi exercise is the Chinese martial art that is passed over from generation to generation which not only provides self-defending techniques to its practitioners but also inhibits health and illness prevention therapies to its practitioners. Its regular practice will help its practitioners to form a balance between body and mind as its relaxing movements will circulate the energy throughput the body. Its practitioners can live an improved physical and prolonged health by vanishing worry and tension from their lives. It is like an economical exercise and hobby for anybody as its practice does not require any specific tool.

Tai Chi is a health package as with its practice anybody can perform a better job with relaxing state of mind. Its practitioners don’t need to wait for a prolonged period to see its results as it shows its positive effects within a short span of time. Its practitioners can feel their improved inner stamina with a well focused and relaxing state of mind with which they can perform any of their tasks within a fraction of seconds and of course in a lesser time with which they could have performed the same task earlier in their life. It is like a magical exercise to anybody with which they can live a improved life that too free from all the hassles which has hindered their lives earlier.

Tai Chi is that form of exercise which is best suitable for elderly as its regular practice will help them to get a well improved posture and balance while walking as it is must for them as they age to improve their stamina to fight with aging symptoms as age is an evitable process which nobody can’t stop. Its regular practice opens joints and relaxes muscles helping the elderly to live their lives in a better way.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Tai Chi Chinese Martial Art Movements Benifit

Tai Chi is a form Chinese martial art which requires no high kicks, no leaps and no running. Apart from its self-defensing properties, it is known for its health treating values. The best part of it is that it can be started to be practiced at any stage of life and nobody can’t bother out of it. It is a slow-motion Tai Chi exercise because of which it is also known as meditation in motion as it is followed by deep breathing. Children are fond of it with its slow dancing movements and like to enjoy its practicing.

 Tai Chi is best known for its healing properties as its practicing movements are beneficial for many health related issues. It is the best thing to practice for the prevention and rehabilitation for many health conditions that are commonly associated with age. It is a boon for the functioning and quality of life of any patient. Its practice does not give any pain but of course definitely give big gains to its practitioners. It is the only exercise that does not leave anybody breathless during its practice. It provides muscle strength, flexibility, balance and aerobic conditioning to its practitioners. It is a boon to everybody with any age group.