Thursday, 26 March 2015

Rehabilitation stress workshops 12/04/2015 10-12 am

Date time:      12/04/2015 10-12 am      (2 hours on Sunday)
Enrollment close:     05/04/2015
Location:     DOOLEY‘S Health and Fitness Center, 24 John St, Lidcombe.

Stress is killing us every day. Why don’t relax two hours on Sunday?

Are you suffering from:

   ·       Neck shoulder stiffness
   ·       Headache
   ·       Sleeping matters, insomnia
   ·       Digestive problems
   ·       And so on

Who should attend?

   ·       Health practitioner, Chinese medicine herbalist doctors
   ·       Tai Chi or Qigong, Yoga  instructors
   ·       Fitness instructor, personal trainer
   ·       Physiotherapy, masseur and those who work in health care industry
   ·       Keep yourself in a healthy life style and add 1 more service to your clients?
   ·       Suffering from stress in office work?  Symptoms:  emotional, headache, sleeping matter, neck stiffness, backache

Who is going to teach?

Sue Chang, Tai Chi Master 19th generation of Chen style, Health Qigong Natural therapist. More than 50 years experience of Tai chi and Qigong.

Fee structure

Please contact (02) 9686 2282 or send email to to enroll

Online enroll:


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