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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Keep Stress Under Control

A 2 second exercise that works out your entire body, muscles and joints
1 minutes every 30 minutes = 18 minutes over 8 hours

This is no joke
It really works

Simon Frazer reported this story on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 18:43:00
"The study builds on previous research showing the health risks faced by people stuck at their desks from diseases such as diabetes and that the long-time health mantra of 30 minutes a day of exercise may not be enough for such a sedentary lifestyle." To read more click here.

Half an hour exercises is better than nothing. However, definitely not enough for sedentary lifestyle people. It is recommended to exercise for 2 hours per day and moving around every 30 minutes so get blood circulation all over our body. This is the first step to preventing occupational health diseases.

Lots of people suffer from stress. Most of which, do not exercise at all.
Imagine how much damage they have caused already? They're already experiencing headaches, sleeping problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar levels, stiff shoulders, sore neck and backache. This is the result of long periods of sitting down. On top of this, they are sitting and standing in the incorrect posture. This puts a lot of pressure on their spines, resulting in neck and back pain.

So how do we exercise in an efficient and effective manner?
Tai Chi is the answer. You use 620 muscles in 2 seconds. This is 2 minutes in one hour. Wouldn't you want to learn it?

Spare yourself one day to relax and learn lifelong beneficial skills.

Click here to find out more.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Relaxation Qigong Workshops - June 2013

Relaxation Qigong is a one day workshop by International professors and Health Qigong therapists from China Health Qigong Association 5-9th June 2013.

Why Health Qigong?
  • Simple method, powerful result of + 100% natural self-energy healing
  • Relax your mind, strengthen your body
  • Power and serenity, build up energy within
  • Helps nervous system, breathing, blood circulation, endocrine system
Health Qigong is called Chi Yoga or Chi dancing, which has been practised for over 5000 years, originally created by herbalist doctors as part of Chinese medicine for self-energy healing. Meditation leads Chi and the "Chi" energy acu-pressure therapy activates the body's Acu-points and meridians to address the cause of imbalances and clear the "blockages" to build up energy and heal disease.

Who should attend?
  • Stressed from everyday living with symptoms such as headache, poor sleep, stiff neck or shoulders, backache?
  • Suffering diabetes, menopause and high blood pressure?
  • CEO or human resources managers, supervise your staff at workplace
  • Fitness Instructor or health industry staff, school teachers
  • Psychologist, physiotherapist, doctor, herbalist
  • Whoever wants to spend a short amount of time and get life-time health benefits for everyday living
If you are under stress or have any of these health problems, this workshop is for you.

What you are going to achieve?
You are going to experience life-time benefits of feeling Chi massage your body. You will learn relaxations skills, self-development skills, correct posture, profile improvement, flexibility, balance, improved circulation, energy build-up, and self-massage skills.

Relaxation Qigong Workshop Timetable: 
 Time                                 Program
 Thursday 30 May 2013 TCFA Studio 9 Wistaria Pl, Baulkham Hills
 NSW 2153
 7-9pm      Introduction of Relaxation
 Friday 31 May 2013  Taogungfu 2/97 Hunter St, Hornsby
 NSW 2077
 7 - 9:30pm          Health Qigong for
 Friday 7 June 2013 Ashfield Catholic Club 11 Charlotte St,  
 Ashfield, NSW, 2131
 7 - 10pm                             6 secret
 Words created by famous herbalist
                    Dr. Sun Simiao CMASA
 Saturday 8 June 2013 Ashfield Catholic Club 11 Charlotte St, Ashfield,
 NSW, 2131
 9am - 4pm                          Shao Lin
     Internal Gongfu Qigong Yi Jinjing
 Sunday 9 June 2013 Taogungfu 2/97 Hunter St, Hornsby
 NSW 2077
 9am - 4pm                 Health Qigong
                                    8 Piece of Silk

1 Day Workshop is $198.00  (price includes a free Relaxation Qigong DVD valued at $35).
Early Bird: Enrol by 24 May and you only pay $110!
INSTRUCTORS: Your professional membership fee of $110.00 (including Chinese Medicine Association fee).
To enrol in a workshop, please click here.
For further information: phone: (02) 9686 2282 or email us.
For more information about the international professor click here.

Who is going to teach?
Professor Zeng Weihong is an International Health Qigong coash, China Wushu 7 Duan, Super referee, Professor of Fujian Sport Institute, and Chairman of Fujian Health Qigong Association. She was trained by her father, Zeng Nailiang, since she was a child and has achieved many gold medals for various competitions.

This workshop is accredited by TCFA, TCFAA and Chinese Medicine Society and China International Qigong Association.

This Health Qigong Workshop is credited as part of Health Qigong instructors. For those enrolled in the Health Qigong instructors course, this workshop has been included into your training so no extra payments are required.

If you are working in the health industry and want to add Health Qigong as part of your business, this workshop is for you.
Want to become qualified Health Qigong instructors, click here to find out more or contact us now.

If you want to know more about the benefits of Qigong, please click here