Monday, 4 May 2015

Begin today!

The practice of Tai Chi is actually practicing soft qi gong (energy work).  Soft is for life, hard is for death.   The practice of Tai Chi is body profile training, it makes a woman’s disposition calm and beautiful, it makes men spunky and full of energy.

Qigong training, will lead you into meditation, guiding Chi - following like the best music in the whole world,  rhythms with regulation of breathing, simply allowing the chi to flow, following your body meridians like water, running though the whole body.   Like a wave in the sea, combining with the breathe to massage all our internal organs, evenly, smoothly, continuously, purifying the blood, purifying our spirit. We can experience the highest enjoyment of living.   Our body disappearing combining with the whole universe as one, we welcome the spring of life to come to our body and spirit.

Slow down your step!  Millions change when they begin Tai Chi & Qigong, start your journey this week with Tai Chi Fitness Australia new term starts today.


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